Pink Floyd:
Portrait of
Mayberry's Barber

Pink Freud:
Portrait of
Sigmund Freud

Hart of Gold:
Portrait of
Senator Gary Hart

Sister Golden Harriet:
Portrait of
Harriet Nelson
with husband Ozzie

Green River:
Portrait of
Johnny Rivers

Mr. Green
Tambourine Man:
Portrait of
Bob Dylan

Dee Purple:
Portrait of
Sandra Dee

Purple Hayes:
Portrait of
U.S. President
Rutherford B. Hayes

Moody in Blues:
Portrait of
D.L. Moody

Blue Moon:
Portrait of
Moon Unit Zappa
with Father

Yellow Sub Maureen:
Portrait of
Maureen O'Hara

Bellow Yellow:
Portrait of
Saul Bellow

Black is Black:
Portrait of
Shirley Temple Black
in Blackface

Paint Itt, Black:
Portrait of
Cousin Itt

Crimson and Grover:
Portrait of
U.S. President
Grover Cleveland

The King of Crimson:
Portrait of
Elvis Presley

Monochromatic Oldies for Boomers

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Oil on Canvas


Each portrait combines the name of a famous person with the name of an oldies band or oldies song title that contains the name of a color.

Inspired by: Pink Floyd; Neil Young's Heart of Gold; America's Sister Golden Hair; Creedence Clearwater Revival's Green River; Dylan's Mr. Tambourine Man; The Lemon Piper's Green Tambouurine; Deep Purple and Nina Tempo & April Steven's Deep Purple; Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze; The Moody Blues: The Marcels' Blue Moon; The Beatles' Yellow Submarine; Donovan's Mellow Yellow; Los Bravos' Black is Black; The Rolling Stones' Paint It, Black; Tommy James & the Shondells' Crimson and Clover; King Crimson.

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