Daniel Botkin studied art at Illinois Central College and Illinois State University and graduated with a B.S. in Art. In September 1995 he began exhibiting his work professionally. Daniel's work has been exhibited in scores of juried competitions and galleries across the nation, and he has been the recipient of several awards and grants, including:

Concordia University, Austin, TX, Purchase Award, May 2006

Quad City Arts, Rock Island, IL, 2nd Place $150 cash award, March 2006

The Puffin Foundation, Teaneck, NJ, $800 grant, April 2003

South Bend Heritage Foundation, South Bend, IN, juror's $250 award, March 2001

Freight House Gallery, El Paso, IL, viewers' choice award, March 2001

The Puffin Foundation, Teaneck, NJ, $1,000 grant, Feb. 2000

Art Calendar magazine's National Juried Centerfold Competition, May 1999 (1 of 20 winners)

The Rutherford Institute International Graphic Contest, Washington, DC, $750 1st Place & Honorable Mention awards

 A detailed, hard copy resume is available to galleries by regular mail.


Most of my current mixed media work deals with classical Biblical characters and events and/or Biblical themes. Materials such as burlap, rope, and other fibers are incorporated into many of the paintings. These coarse elements contrast with the intense lifelikeness of the smooth glass eyes that appear in many of the works. This contrasting combination brings together the heavenly and the earthly. The eyes are the windows of the soul and behold heavenly visions. The rough clothing and coarse skin are stark reminders of the earthly origin of the body and of its earthly destination.